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How Mergers and Acquisitions Benefit Small Businesses

An acquisition refers to one entity buying another and folding it into their organization. On the other hand, a merger pertains to two equals coming together to form another entity or co-branded company.

Receive more rewarding financial returns

Transitioning your business through M&A provides you with an option to sell to a strategic buyer or a private equity (PE) firm. These common alternatives enable you to enhance the price you receive for your company.

Amplify your ability to scale

M&A can give you access to additional resources you would otherwise access at a much later date, say if you choose to expand internally. While an M&A deal usually benefits the acquirer through improved production capability at a lower cost, your business can also take advantage of raised capital.

Limit the losses you incur
Last but not least, de-risking the business from the owner is another significant benefit of the M&A strategy. Mentioning this point is timely given the impact of Covid-19 on small business operations and outcomes. Lower-middle-market entrepreneurs have dealt with challenges including temporary closures, supply chain disruptions, and employee illness.
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